Let's Get Started!

You're going to love clearing out your clutter and passing along great quality items to local families. 

We're here to show you how. 

Download your Selling Guide to get started on these steps: Gather, Sort, Price, Prep and Drop Off

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What Do You Make?

The average seller earned over $350 at the last sale! 

Sellers earn 60% of their sales or 70% if they help at the sale. 

There is a Seller Fee paid at the time of registration. 

(You will get a link in your registration confirmation email, or you can click the Seller Waiver button above.)

No time to tag? Let our Valet Selling Service do it for you.

Valet Sellers earn 45% of their sales (or 50% if they help at the sale). Vallet Selling Fee is $22 plus processing fee.

Valet Registration is open for Spring/Summer Sale. Sign up NOW...there are only limited spots available!

Guides and Groups

Mom and grandmother stand together, a few pieces of clothing in grandmom's hands, as they shop together for their family.

This guide will help you know what to sell (and what not to sell) at this upcoming sale. 

A mom and her two kids stand in the shoe section for a happy family photo.

Download our Safety Guide for required waivers and the latest recall & safety information. 

A cashier smiles behind her mask as she gets ready to check out the next happy JBF customer.

Join our Facebook Seller Community to ask questions and get tips from other sellers just like you!


Sale Time Information

Now, when it comes time for the sale, here are all the details that you need to know!

Full Sale Schedule

See all the details: Drop Off, Presales, Public Sale, Sort & Pick Up

Drop Off

Thursday, April 13th 9am-7pm

Schedule your Drop Off Appointment while completing your Seller Waiver and paying the fee.

Helping at the Sale

Earn More & Shop Early!

Sellers who help at the sale make 10% more, shop the earliest, have fun, & a few other perks. 

Check out available times by logging into your tagging account & clicking Help at the Sale & check the Team Member box.

Pick Up

Sunday, April16th 7:30pm-8:30pm

Unsold items not picked up by 8:31pm will be donated to our partner charity, Marcy's Project.

No Time to Tag?

Want to clean out clutter and cash in, but don't have time to price your items? Our Valet Selling Service is the perfect solution!

Sign up as a Valet Seller and our Pro Tagger will price your items and drop them off at the sale for you. You earn 45%-50% (with a prepaid $22 seller and supply fee). Spots are limited.

The best part? You get to shop early!

Seller Referral Program

Have a friend whose kids are dressed in the latest fashion and have toys galore? Is your neighbor trying to sell their baby equipment on Facebook? Refer them to sell with JBF and earn more! 

Want to Donate?

After the sale, all unsold tags marked to donate help local families through Marcy's Project.

Selling Step-by-Step:

Ready to start selling? Follow these steps! Need more help? Join our Facebook SELLER Community where you can find lots of helpful tips, tricks and a whole community of other savvy sellers online.

A mom and her four-year-old son stand with their masks and shopping bag in front of baskets of books and costumes.

1. Register to sell at the upcoming sale

2. Complete the Seller Waiver, schedule your Drop Off Appointment, & pay the Seller Fee.

3. Prepare & tag your items


4. Pick your Team Member shift to earn more & shop even earlier! 

4 Hour Team Members - Earn 70% on sold items & shop early

8 Hour Team Members - Earn 70% on sold items, credited seller fee, & shop earlier 

12 Hour Team Members - Earn 70% on sold items, credited seller fee, JBF t-shirt, & shop even earlier 

**Check out available times by logging into your tagging account & click Help at the Sale, then check the Team Member box.

5. Drop Off, Shop Early & Watch your Seller Check Grow!

Preparing your Items

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

Tagging Clothing

Tagging Shoes

Tagging Large Items

Tagging Books & More

Tagging Toys

Tagging Bedding

Sell the Most

Reduce and Donate?

Additional Seller Resources