Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


Who Can Shop Early??  Check out all of the options below, & we will see you at the sale!

Team Member Presale | Friday, October 16th | 1pm-8pm Team members (consignors who help at the sale) shop first. The more you help out at the sale, the earlier you shop! Team Member passes are emailed after Drop Off & must be printed/shown on phone for entry.

Consignor Full Price Presale | Friday, October 16th | 3pm-8pm AND Half Price Presale | Saturday, October 17th | 6pm-8pm All consignors receive a presale pass to shop early! Consignor passes are emailed after Drop Off and must be downloaded/shown on phone for entry.

PRIME TIME PRESALE | Friday, October 16th | 4pm-8pm | $10 Admission Unable to sell at the sale but still want first dibs with fewer crowds? Join us for the Prime Time Presale. Tickets are $10 per person. Click HERE for tickets. Tickets are limited; free pass coupons do not apply to this presale.

Please note: Passes are required for all presales. All passes needed for entry, printed or shown on phone.

*Due to space & time constraints, no children allowed during the presale except infants.*



If you are part of one of these groups, be our guest & enter early on Friday, October 16th to shop before the public. 

Friday, October 16th | 6pm-8pm 

First Time Parents & Grandparents: Are you expecting OR is your first child/grandchild under one year of age?  Shop the best selection of infant gear, clothing, & accessories before we open to the public. Sorry, if you have shopped early as a First Time Parent/Grandparent previously, you may not sign up to shop early again. Click HERE.

Adoptive/Foster Parents: Have you adopted children or are fostering children? Thank you for your big welcoming & caring heart! Shop the best selection of infant gear, clothing, and accessories before we open to the public. Click HERE.

Teachers & Educators: Thank you for taking care of our community's children!  Whether shopping for the classroom, daycare center, or your own homeschooled children, come see what JBF is all about!  Stock up on everything yoiu need for your classroom - books, puzzles games and so much more! Proof of teaching/educating is required with pass. Click HERE.

Military Families. We can't begin to express the gratitude & appreciation that we have for the service and sacrifice your family makes everyday! Join us as our guest to shop the needs for your growing family!  Your military ID is required for admittance along with pass. Click HERE.

First Responders: Thank you for putting yourself at risk to take care of our community members & make our community a better place!. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, & emergeny medical technicians are invited to be our guest to shop for the needs of your growing family! Your ID is required for admittance along with pass. Click HERE.

Please note: There is a limited number of passes per group. Passes are required for all presales &, in some cases, a form of ID. All passes needed for entry, printed or shown on phone.

*Due to space & time constraints, no children allowed during the presale except infants.*





Are you a local business serving families? Then JBF is for you! Get your business in front of hundreds of local families.

We offer three options for local businesses to advertise their services with our families.

1. Vendor Tables - Make a personal connection with our shoppers while reaching your perfect target market in a cost-effective way. Click HERE to register, or Email us for more details. 

2. Family Ad Pack - Provide 500 advertisements, coupons, special offers, or small promotional items (magnets, pens, etc) for our Family Ad Packs that we hand out to the first 500 customers at the St. Charles County Spring Sale. Click HERE to register, or Email us for more details. Due to Covid & attempting to go as paperless as possible, we will not be doing Famiy Ad Packs at the Fall 2020 Sale. 

3. Sale Sponsor - Support our sale, like Enfamil, & we will feature your business on on webpage & social media. Email us for more details.

Do you blog, are you in media, or have some way of talking to the masses?  We would love to find a way to partner with you and do something extra special!  Email us & let's work together!



We LOVE supporting our communities and families! IIs your organization looking for a way to raise money? We can help! Just Between Friends St. Charles County offers 3 ways to raise money for your organization, school, sport team, or activity group.

Fundraising groups have earned over $1,500 at just one sale.

Option 1: Collect Donated Items & Consign
Here's How It Works:

  1. Sign up to consign & get a consignor number for your group.
  2. Select a JBF Coordinator for your group.
  3. The Coordinator and/or a committee collects & tags items for your group, following all consignor guidelines.
  4. Bring the items to Drop Off.
  5. Watch your sales grow with our real time updates. Cha-Ching!

Fundraiser groups earn 60% of sold items, less the $12 consignor fee, plus 5 Consignor Presale passes.

  • Want to earn more? Help at the sale a total of 12 hours to earn 70% and a waived consignor fee.

Option 2: Spread the Word, Shop, & Earn Money!
Here’s How It Works:

  • We provide you with flyers that are specifically for your organization. 
  • Give the flyers to organization members, families, friends, neighbors, etc. 
  • They bring the flyer with them to shop & turn the flyer in at checkout. 
  • When they purchase items, 5% of their total purchase (pre-tax amount) will be given back to the organization in a check just three weeks after the event.

Option 3: Do Both!
Earn money on items your group consigns & earn a percentage on items your group purchases while shopping the sale. Earn by selling & shopping! It’s a win-win!

Click HERE to register, or Email us for more details.



Tiffany Taylor



Vendor Inquiries Email

Fundraising Inquiries Email

Hi! I'm Tiffany. My husband Mike and I organize the JBF St. Charles County sale.

Raising kids is expensive, but it doesn't have to be! We help St. Charles County area families shop smart & save BIG on everthing they need for their kids! We show YOU how to make money selling those outgrown kids' items and how to keep more money in your pocket by shopping & saving with JBF! 

We are excited to help St. Charles County families put money in their pockets whether they sell, shop, or both!